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 Car Locator Pro module  

Car Locator Pro module

Price: 395.00 USD

Car Locator Pro module

The target module Car Locator Pro represents the device, which is installed into a vehicle for the purposes of remote control of its systems and determination of its location. The location of target (geographical coordinates) can be determined by GPS system. This information, as well as information about controlled systems condition and target's parameters, is transmitted to user via SMS or GPRS through GSM network according to the request or by integrated algorithm.

Device features:
  • Two global modes of operation: SMS and GPRS;
  • 12-channel GPS-receiver with NMEA-0183 v.2.2 communications protocol;
  • Integrated modem:
    • 2 ranges EGSM900/1800 MHz, EGSM 850/1900 MHz;
    • ETSI GSM phase 2 standard compatible;
    • GPRS class B class 10  support;
    • Integrated TCP/IP stack (eDsoft).
  • Writing to non-volatile memory 1950 (3900*) points of routing and 185 (370*) events;
  • RS-232 port for GPS-information, routing and event log reading, also for the programming of block's parameters;
  • GPS-receiver and GPS-modem status indication;
  • Inputs for:
    • ignition check-up;
    • alarm system connection;
    • alert switch connection
    • status signal connection (secured/non-secured);
    • vehicle power supply control;
    • analog signal control.
  • Outputs for:
    • Alarm activation output;
    • Engine blocking output;
    • Common function output.
  • Preset speed exceeding and given area leaving control;
  • More than 30 user commands supported, which may be sent to module by text from user's mobile phone or else by computer, by dint of GPRS connection, using special software;
  • Forming of more than 20 system reports, which forward to mobile phone (according to requested algorithm) by text or by GPRS connection to server;
  • Up to 4 users support in SMS mode;
  • Two active-switched message modes:
    • "user" and "modem" (in SMS mode);
    • Tracking mode (in SMS mode).
  • Periodical channel testing opportunity: from 1 hour to 10 days.
Device technical characteristics:
GPS-receiver channel quantity: 12
GPS-receiver output protocol: NMEA-0183
GSM-protocol: E-GSM 900/1800
GSM-modem: Wavecom Wismo
SIM interface: 3V
Number of users: 4
Output capability: 1A
Maximum voltage on closed output: 40V
Maximum voltage on input: 40V
Measured ACD value range: 0 - 4V
Supply voltage: 9 - 18 V *
Consumption current (at 12В supply): at most  90mA
Overall dimensions: 145х97х24
* When using backup supply module supply voltage range will be from 9 to 36 volt.
Package contains:
GSM/GPS/GPRS/SMS module - 1 pcs.
GPS antenna - 1 pcs.
GSM antenna - 1 pcs.
Cables - 1 set.
Installation manual - 1 set.

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