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 Terms (TiVald Interfaces OU) - Terms and Conditions
Before making an internet purchase please make sure you have read and fully understand our sales terms, our policies and conditions of your purchase (sale). Always read the Ad descriptions and do not purchase on the look of the picture itself. 99% our products, pictures and item desciptions are usually accurate, but not guaranteed to be, often change, due to availablity and frequent manufacturer design changes, upgrades & changes that we do not have control over. 
Remember Web Colors are different then Actual Colors!
If you have questions on an ORDER, Product or Anything Else please email us before you order! We are not responsible for your ordering errors.
Important: We get over a 1 - 2 Hundred Emails A Day! Be sure to send us all your information. At Holiday times we are inundated with calls & emails, we may not be able to get back to you.
To Email Us
Be Sure to Include: Your Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Any Reference Numbers and Any Emails we sent to you Relating to the Subject. We do not know you by just your name or email. Incomplete or not easily understandable information will cause the entire Email to be deleted By us! We are not going to chase you around and try look up your information without you furnishing all the details of the transaction. All customers receive emailed invoices and the ability to check their order status on-line with the trace order system. Be sure to use a proper email address & working email system if you want an receipt & notifications. For Better service just answer our email by 'Reply' button, please write your message at the top and do not cut our message below.
People with Free Email Accounts like Hotmail, Yahoo, etc, Be sure to clean out your email accounts! A lot of customers do not receive our emails/responses due to full email boxes! Be sure to check for emails from us after placing an order or emailing us until your order is received! We depend on Email to contact our customers! AOL & other types of email providers may not be able to receive our "normal emails" due to their "spam filtering system". Please use an email account that accepts all emails. We may have to contact you and we use email as our primary contact method. Please be responsible and use an email system that will accept all emails when ordering as well as to check your emails often.
How to Order
You can place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We accept payment by T/T wire transfer, WebMoney, Moneybookers, Western Union, Anelik and Credit cards (soon). We do not take phone orders. Orders paid by credit card are only shipped to the credit card holders actual billing address. Your order will arrive depending on your choice of shipping method. If there are any questions or concerns about any of our products feel free to contact us.

Do not order a product if you are unsure about it, don't know your cell phone model or do not know what you are ordering! Please contact us for information on that product first. This is your responsibility, once you order it is yours.
About us
Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) is a company registered to do business worldwide. We currently specialize in cellular phone service accessories, GSM Alarm Systems, and offer products for almost every make and model cellular phone. We offer competitive prices and a fixed shipping rates (according to sale price & your choice of delivery options) so the more you buy the more you save.
Product Representation
We do not warrant that product descriptions, the product images or compatability you view are exact representations of the product you will receive. Usually the pictures are taken from the merchandise, but models change frequently due to updated designs & manufacturing processes. Pictures, Brands, Logos & Trademarks are the property of their rightful owners. We are not affiliated or endorsed by any of these companies or manufacturers unless listed otherwise in the product ad. If you need to know whether the item is exactly as pictured, please contact us.
Remember we are an Automated On-Line Store, to keep our prices low please do not create non-automated work for us.
Over 98% of our orders are shipped correctly, complete & are processed on time ! (other 2% Back ordered or customer ordered wrong item)
We are an On-Line Store that makes money by Website Automation not by manual orders.
Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) has most products in stock and ready to ship!
Over 99% of our products and accessories are free from defects & non-defective!
99% of claimed defective products & accessories we sell were found NOT DEFECTIVE or were ABUSED or BROKEN INTENTIONALLY for an Attempted Replacement for a different product or refund!
Feel free to contact us for any questions. Please read and review our Info & policy page before purchasing.
We do not share or sell your personal information with any third party marketing firms. You are in good hands while shopping at Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) !
All Products Are Priced in US Dollars
Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) accepts wire transfer, WebMoney, Western Union, Anelik, Moneybookers, Credit Card (Soon). Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) reserves the right to require additional forms of identification prior to processing any order. Failure to provide this information in a timely fashion will result in your order being canceled.
All prices in USD or Euro are converted to Estonian currency - EEK. There can be a small difference in paid amount because of differences in currency exchange rates - up to few percent. If you want to avoid differences in exchange rates please do not pay by credit card.
Applicable Sales Tax
Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) is not responsible for additional taxes that apply to items shipped outside Estonia such VAT or custom taxes.
Acceptance of Orders
The receipt of an e-mail order confirmation or acknowledgment does not constitute the acceptance of an order or as a confirmation of an offer to sell. Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) reserves the right, without prior notification, to limit the order quantity on any item. Additional verification of information may be required prior to the acceptance of any order, such as a drivers license copy & / or copy of credit card. We also reserve the right to cancel, reject, void and or reject the order at anytime with or without reason. Please note, however, that Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) cannot be responsible for typographical or any other errors, and reserves the right to cancel any orders resulting from such errors.
Cancellation of orders
You can cancel only orders paid by credit cards, but only after written confirmation from our side. It is not possible to cancel order paid by credit card:
- if we have to import a product for certain customer
- after we provide the service
- after we send product to customer.
By submitting your order you are entering a legal and binding agreement to a sale by our terms.
When you place an order with us it is a legal and binding sales contract. By using the submit order button you are accepting our terms of sale. All Sales are Final unless listed otherwise.
If you do not agree with our terms please do not order, you will not be refunded, exchanged or credited for any reason except as listed on this page.
Please Note: Item Pricing, Features, Sales, Ad Listings and specifications are accurate to the best of our knowledge. They are subject to change without notice. We try to maintain them as well as check of the accuracy of them. All other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective holders. We are Not responsible for price or currency exchange rates differences or changes, ad descriptions, compatability, ad pictures, misprints, typos or misunderstandings. Pictures of products are only representations or are similar to actual product, this is due to constant manufacturing design changes, techniques and advancements, this is not under our control. The item you receive may not look the the product in the ad. We reserve the right to substitute items for similar items. The rest are our opinions. Some accessories are Specialty items and are not guaranteed to work with all phones and/or cellular services. All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges, except if listed differently in that product ad. We are not responsible for lost, never received or damaged insured or uninsured items, check with the shipper. If you want insurance notify use before you make the purchase. Buyer is responsible to ask any questions prior to purchasing. We are not responsible if you purchase the wrong item or for your ordering error (s). There is no guarantee that any item or accessory you purchase will work, fit or will compatabile with your cell phone. Be sure to take your time when ordering and if you are not sure please send us an email before you purchase. Please note, however, that Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) cannot be responsible for ad descriptions, compatability issues or problems, pictures shown, pricing errors, typographical or other errors, and reserves the right to cancel any orders resulting from such errors.
Product Availability
Most items are in stock and we try to indicate the current status that is listed in the ad. We can not always keep up with the inventory, so we suggest you email us first to see if the product is in stock and what the current availability is. This is usually due to frequent large unanticipated orders, manufacturer hold backs, unknown damaged, wrong markings on orders we receive and or recalled products. Sometimes an order can take up to a month or more on certain items, please bear with us. We reserve the right to substitute items. If you don't agree with this do not place an order. Most orders do go out within few working days (Monday to Friday). Remember we are inundated at Holiday times and your order may not go out quickly and we do not guarantee on shipment or delivery date.

Claims for shortages, damages or wrong product received must be claimed within 7 days of shipment arrival.
- If you return an item(s) and state to us it is" Defective" and we determine that it is not, we will ship back to you at your expense.
- Item Defective, after we determine the item is defective we will replace the item at no cost to you except shipment cost.
Return Policy for defects & warranty(s) does not cover damage or malfunction due to accident, non-professional installation, poor or improper installation, non-compatability, negligence, external electrical fault, misuse or abuse. Sale items, special orders, electrical items, covers, housings, data cables, data kits, any software products have no warranty, guarantees and are not returnable, in other words the sale is final. Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages resulting from any breach of warranty. Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) is not responsible under any other legal theory, including, but not limited to lost profits.
Any item or cellular accessory sold by Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) that is found to have a defect in material or workmanship within our policy will be replaced free of charge, except for shipping charges. It is not possible to return the money for not working products. If the item is no longer available it will be replaced with an equivalent or superior substitute, or a on-line store credit at the discretion of Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces). If a replacement item or accessory is issued, the warranty will still apply to the replacement dating from the original date of sale, not the date of replacement. The buyer is responsible for all shipping charges.
No returns on ANY software, data cables, data kits, OEM Original products or similar, USB, Infrared, data equipment, any type of electrical item, covers, housings, plastic parts, housings, antennas, batteries, chargers or any other item unless specifically stated in that particular ad.
How to ship it back
We suggest you send it back well wrapped to protect the product as well as insured and tracked for proof of delivery. DO NOT SHIP IT BACK WITH SIGNATURE REQUESTED, IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.The product must be in new condition, returned with all original packaging, papers, ALL emails from us and in new-sellable condition. You will receive On-line Store credit only for in-stock item(s) if it meets our policy or determination. No Exceptions to our policy. We reserve the right to refuse any package that does not comply with our Merchandise Return Policy. Please be aware that its not that we do not like returns, but due to the type of product, there is high number of frivolous returns, this in turn increase the prices for everyone. We try to keep our prices low and this is one way that we do it.
If there are any returns accepted it is only at our sole discretion. As Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) strives to satisfy every customer, we will not be a trial or 'test it out sale', rental service, loaner, or 'buy to see if I like it' products and do not resell used or opened equipment.
All return processes must be done on-line / via email. In the event Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) allows a return after 10 days, the return is limited to an exchange of the item returned and the customer is responsible for shipping costs (plus any fee's).
Other Charges
Court costs, hourly rates may apply to any type order problem that was caused by order error, billing problems, credit card issues, WRONG ADDRESS INFORMATION or any other type of error or problem caused by the buyer. This includes cancellation of orders after it was placed or refusal of order(s) after it was shipped as well as wrong items purchased.
This will also include reshipping any orders that were returned to us for improper or wrong address (plus shipping fee).
If you have a problem with an order or product please contact us. We will be happy to assist you, we can usually render assistance that you will be happy with that day.
Orders & Shipping
Be sure to give us your exact postal address to Ship To! Shipping products are usually shipped via priority airmail, EMS, FedEx, DHL - depends what was chosen and paid - well packed to protect the product. All items are NEW and have not been opened or used unless listed otherwise. We usually ship in-stock items usually within 2 - 5 business days after receipt of your order, out of stock goes out usually in 5-25 days. Some items that have been "hot sellers" sometimes take a week to 8 weeks to receive, anyone who pays first will be on a priority list for those items. We get most merchandise directly from the factory or we produce it in our factory! You may want to email us first to check for availability. During holiday time, sale periods & the month of December processing & delivery may be longer. You agree to pre-payment of all orders.
Most packages should arrive on your doorstep in 7-20 business days. The majority of our packages are sent via priority airmail. You have the option of using faster service such as EMS, FedEx or DHL. Due to current security conditions in the country, we can not be responsible for any delays, damaged, never received, lost or any other problems with delivery, please contact the shipping company. If there is a problem with us please purchase insurance as suggested earlier. We suggest using at least EMS (Express Mail Service) for better & insured delivery.
Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) does not ship to P.O. boxes if payment is by credit card or delivery is by DHL Worldwide Express or EMS. Please ensure that you have a valid mailing address where we can ship your package and that you use your actual Address in the Address field. Only customer is responsible for insufficient or incomplete delivery address.
We Ship only to the CARD HOLDERS billing address on the CARD HOLDERS credit card. Due to our High Level of SSL Secure Credit Card transaction system, be sure to use your actual CARD HOLDER billing address listed on the credit card, no exceptions, the order can not & will not be processed. We are trying to protect our customers from on-line fraud. Minors are forbidden to order on our site.
Shipping Address Information
Be sure to give us your exact CARD HOLDERS CREDIT CARD BILLING postal address to Ship To! We only ship to the CARD HOLDERS Credit Card Billing Address.
Delivery Problems
We are not responsible for any problem, loss, damage, never received or any other problem after we ship it, contact the shipper for any claims or problems you have. Be sure to give us your exact postal address. Please verify the contents of any damaged package before acceptance, if the package is damaged or missing items you must hold the shipper responsible, not us. Please make a claim with your post office, EMS, DHL or other shipper if your package is damaged, missing or never received (we will give you a Verifiable tracking or confirmation number as our proof of shipping). Insurance is optional, just upgrade to your shipping (when ordering) DHL for insured shipment. We have never had a problem with shipping to the correct address with EMS or DHL.
Your Agreement
You agree to all our sales terms and further agree to pay for the product(s), all shipping charges and applicable taxes. This is a legal and binding contract, any default in payment will be subject to collection and you will be held liable for all attorneys fee's, collection costs and any other costs inccurred. While we strive to process your order promptly, at times there may be circumstances beyond our control that may delay your order. All customers agree that they will not post, make calls, make derogatory comment, write letters of complaints and/or contribute to making poor or negative feedback or file complaints against us in any manner or form. We consider this slander and will hold you liable for this.
Order Status
If you used EMS, FedEx, DHL you will receive a tracking number & web link. Please allow 14 to 21 business days for in stock orders to arrive with standard delivery or with Priority Mail. There are no Tracking Numbers for priority airmail, simple airmail package, EMS - only Delivery confirmation numbers!
Return Shipping
You are responsible for all freight charges on any and all occasions.
Typographical Errors & Pricing
Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) is not responsible for any typographical errors or omissions relating to ad description, pricing, copy, photography, specifications use of product, or other not listed here. In the event of a pricing error a representative from Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) will contact you via E-mail or telephone with the corrected pricing information. Again, pictures are a representation of actual products and they will be described as accurately as possible. Products, descriptions and compatibility may differ from actual items and pricing is subject to change weekly.
BY ACCESSING AND/OR ACCEPTING ANY OFFER WITHIN THE ONLINE STORE YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE ONLINE STORE DETAILS OF USE DESCRIBED IN THIS DOCUMENT. PLEASE READ THESE DETAILS OF USE CAREFULLY. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS DO NOT ACCEPT AN OFFER OR MAKE A PURCHASE VIA THIS ONLINE STORE. We reserve the right to change products or substitute products and prices at any given time due to availability of products and constantly changing manufacturing techniques. Pictures of items and products are depicted as accurately as possible at the time and are usually a representation of the item for sale. Ad's , Price & Specification subject to change without notice. Cellular-Cables (TiVald Interfaces) is not responsible for errors in typography, compatibility, descriptions of products and / or photography. Most orders ship in 24-72 Hours, sometimes longer during sale periods, back logs or back orders.


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