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Price: 221.00 USD


An economic series of uncompromising quality!

The new, "facilitated" version of CCU6225 controller. In spite of the fact that device is simplified analogue of CCU6225 controller, it possesses a good functional set. The quantity of adjustments at configurations is a minimum, what is useful for those ho does not wish to spend a lot of time for studying the device logic work.

Main features CCU6225-LT:
  • GSM module (GSM900 / 1800MHz) built-in;
  • 8 Inputs (Zones);
  • Programmed entry levels (4 modes);
  • Programmed zone names;
  • 7 Outputs:
    • 2 realys;
    • 4 outputs such as "an open collector", GND, loading 0, 5A / 12V;
    • 1 output such as "an open collector", submits + 12V, current limited 0, 9A.
  • Programmed outputs names;
  • 8 numbers for:
    • voice calling;
    • calling;
    • SMS sending;
    • calling and SMS sending.
  • Control by:
    • DTMF commands;
    • SMS commands.
  • The voice module is built-in;
  • Voice messages in the voice module can be programmed through PC;
  • Option to connect external mic;
  • Option for temperature measurement;
  • The controller has an opportunity of connection of external button "ARM" or contact for reading key Touch memory DS1990A for change of a mode "ARM / DISARM";
  • Programming via USB or RS-232 (Com port).
Main package contents:
  • GSM controller CCU6225-LT 
  • GSM antenna
  • Users guide, warranty card
  • CD
  • Cable for programming controller via PC
Additionally can be ordered (extra pay required):
  • Temperature sensor RTD-01
  • External microphone RMA-02
  • Touch memory reader
  • Touch memory key/keys
  • Metall box with transformer and power supply
Call +372 555 400 79 and try CCU6225-LT voice menu!
Password 1234 and to press * on your phone.

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