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 Universal Programming Interface UPI v2.5  

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Universal Programming Interface UPI v2.5

UPI v2.5 it is possible to use for programming EEPROM I2C, SPI, MICROWIRE, MICROCHIP PIC and ATMEL AVR controllers through Universal Box UDI V3.x with special software IC-Prog or Pony Prog
Stock OUT & Product discontinued !!!

Main Features:
  • Can program 24xx eeproms
  • Can program 25xxx eeproms
  • Can program 93xx eeproms
  • Can program 59xx eeproms
  • Can program Pic 8 pin
  • Can program Pic 18 pin
  • Can program Pic 28 and 40 pin (Only is in-circuit or through an additional IC socket)
  • Can program Atmel Avr 8 pin
  • Can program Atmel Avr 20, 28, 32, 40, 44, 64 pin (Only is in-circuit or through an additional IC socket)
  • 3v/5v switch for programming chips as at a supply voltage 5v and 3v
  • Additional Led for see how going programming Pic controllers
  • Additional connector for incircuit programming
Package contains:  
  • Universal Programming Interface UPI v2.5
  • Cable to connect UPI v2.5 to UDK v3.x
  • Cable to connect battery 9v for programming PIC controllers
  1.   UPI v2.5 do not work alone without connecting with UDK v3.x
User manual:  (updated 10.04.04)

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