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GSM Alarm Controller (TVGA100-01) with phone T10
Long distance security / surveillance device using a GSM mobile phone.
Stock OUT & Product discontinued !!!

TVGA100-01 device is operable along with the Ericsson 868, 888, T10, T18, A1018 series of mobile phone. Controller to signalizings and monitoring the remoted objects apartments, garages, houses and etc with issue a warning signal on mobile telephones of standard GSM.

Main Features:
  • Compatibility with mobile phones Ericsson: 868, 888, T10, T18, A1018
  • Immediate call to the preprogrammed telephone numbers on alarm of the controlled input
  • Capable of being called and "spy" the controlled area
  • Possibility of programming up to 7 telephone numbers which will call controller in the event of alert
  • Possibility of programming controller through phone
  • Easy programming of the telephone numbers
  • Possibility of connection TVGA110-01 to DC power supply of direct current 12v or 24v (main supply)
  • In the event of disappearing of main supply a controller take power from phone (reserve supply)
  • Charging the telephone is done by controller
  • All information is backed up in controller when power supply is lost
  • Power indication led
  • Presence of a TEST of mode
  • Operation temperature range: -20 to +60 oC
  • Simplicity in installation and connection of controller
  • Simplicity in usages
  • Possibility of use TVGA100-01 with broad spectrum alarm and fire panels
  • Alarm systems (home, garage, office, etc)
  • Use of control contact from sensors (pressure, temperature, hummidity, etc)
Package contains:
  • GSM Controller TVGA100-01
  • GSM phone T10
  • Cable for connect TVGA100-01 with Ericsson mobile phone
  • External antenna for mobile phone (*)
  • Phone holder (*)
  • User / Installation Manual
* - at will customer
User / Installation Manual: TVGA100_v14_eng.pdf
Kasutajajuhend (eesti keeles): TVGA100_v14_est.pdf

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